What should I wear?

Full Swap: Sexual activity between couples that includes intercourse.

Play: A term commonly used in the Lifestyle, meaning any kind of sexual activity. 

Soft Swap: Sexual activity between couples that does not include intercourse within their preset rules and boundaries. 

Unicorn: A single female in the Lifestyle.

Vanilla: Anything or anyone that is not involved in the Lifestyle. It could apply to people, or things. Vanilla couple = A non-swinger couple. Vanilla party = Not a swinger party.

  • State your interests clearly on your profile to avoid confusion when you go to play. Soft/Full Swap, Bi, Straight...
  • Read through an online profile and only send a message if the preferences indicate potential interest in you. 
  • Try to answer and follow up on all your emails, even if you are no longer interested in pursuing that connection.
  • Make sure the first meeting is a "no pressure" and "no strings attached" type of setting. Don't come on too strong as everyone has a different comfort level. 
  • Share your rules and boundaries with other couples before playtime starts. 
  • Always keep a date and make sure to give enough time in advance if you have to cancel.
  • Keep your hands to yourself -- don’t touch without permission.
  • No always means No.
  • Drinking in a swinging situation can sometimes decrease inhibitions, but it's best to consume alcohol in moderation. Also note that heavy drinking can affect your sexual performance.
  • Abusive, foul-mouthed or sexually intoned lingo is not welcome online or at any lifestyle events. Try to be polite and respectful to other members.

Some parties have themes which are encouraged but not required. Men should dress to impress and the ladies can dare to bare!

Where is the party held?

Lifestyle Lingo

  • No means NO!
  • No judgment
  • Larger quantities of alcohol does not make you sexier, funnier, it only makes you drunk
  • The most important person in the club is the person you came with
  • We cannot fix a situation if we are not aware of it BEFORE you leave
  • Who you see, what happens, what you hear STAYS AT THE CLUB
  • No cameras or recording devises 
  • Women are psychic; they KNOW the outcome BEFORE the men


The party is held at a private location in the south suburbs of Chicago. The address is only given when you register for a party.

Are single men allowed to attend the party?

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What is the age limit for the parties?

Will I feel pressured to do things I don't feel ready to do yet?

Everyone that attends the party must be at least 21.

Yes, but the number of single men allowed is limited to about 10% of total attendance.

swinger dating tips to remember:

Around here No, means No.  If at anytime you do not feel comfortable or feel that another member is not respecting your wishes, please notify a club owner or a co-host, we are always here to help you.